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Our renowned Strucutred Day programme will commence on February 5th and is open to all people in recovery from substance abuse.

Programme Ethos

Our programme in Turas creates an understanding, non judgmental and supportive environment . It helps people to personally develop in their recovery from addiction.

 Referrals Process

 After an application is received members  from the Turas team will meet with applicants individually to complete an initial assessment  and asses their suitability for the programme.

If someone isn’t ready for the Structured Day Programme staff can refer them for other supports in Turas.

What the Programme offers

TURAS offers a 15 week Programme that balances group work and personal development with individual counselling.

The programme is divided into two sections with the initial five weeks focusing on introducing group work and personal awareness in relation to relapse prevention (New members can continue to join in this initial programme stage.)

This programme is followed by a ten week Structured Day programme, two days a week 10am-3PM, incorporating a number of workshops and group work toward self-empowerment. In addition throughout the process one-to-one counselling is offered.

 A range of workshops are offered on topics including relationships, relapse prevention, anger management etc. underpinned by a focus on building a better future.

Who is it suitable for?

People who would like to attend Turas’s Structured Day Programme must be:

Over 18 years of age

One month drug/alcohol free

Available to engage in two full days of group work a week for fifteen weeks

Attend one counselling session per week

If on a Methadone Programme, the service user must be stabilized for a period of one month

If there are past mental health concerns, the service users current mental health

must be stable

If on prescribed medication, the service user must be medication compliant

This service is provided free of charge to recovering substance misusers within the North Eastern Area, who fulfil the above criteria.

“I think that the group therapy was amazing. I really felt accepted and could trust people in the group, I could speak up without being Judged”

For further information please contact Turas. 042 9338221 or call into us on 59 Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk